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Anti Matter

New Zealand alternative emo rap

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We are the darkness that lives in your heart. We are the electronic punk rock of a robot generation. We are the ghosts on your TV screaming at you to live. We are the vague experience of life and matter. We are the master plan. Some people run from their demons, we party with ours.

Anti Matter came from the depths of creativity of songwriter Courtney Newbold. With a large interest in post hardcore and punk music, and a growing interest in electronic music and rap, she set out to start a project to satisfy these curiosities. The band was preconceived as an activist project, with strong musical and songwriting elements so the project can have a message, as well as meet Courtney's own artistic vision. Thus Anti Matter was born. 


Anti Matter is an entity beyond you or me. It is the art that enables us to live each day, and it's the expression of a world that is hurting. We manifest as an Auckland alternative emo rap performance. Inner demons are for partying with right?


Want to learn more about Anti Matter, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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